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EyeZoom™ | "Best of Class" Award

We are excited to announce that EyeZoom, the first and only adjustable magnification loupe is a recipient of the Pride Institute's "Best of Class" Technology Award

These awards provide recognition to products that have revolutionized and/or advanced the dental industry. 

Visit us at Booth 3231 (Pride Institute Tech Expo) during ADA in Washington D.C. to receive a coupon for $150 off your EyeZoom purchase at the show.*

*Offers valid November 4-8, 2015 at ADA in Washington DC. Offer cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or promotional codes.

Clinician Feedback

"The telescoping feature has proven to be very useful when performing endodontic procedures, allowing me to locate canal orifices with greater speed and efficiency."

- Jason Vandehaar, DDS

"I can vary the magnification of my loupes for any clinical procedure! It’s like having a microscope at the end of your loupes.”

- Marc Geissberger, DDS

“I love my variable loupes. They allow for excellent magnification with the flexibility to zoom out for a bigger view.”

- Brett Veerman, DDS


Product Evaluation

Download a copy of the EyeZoom Product Evaluation conducted by Dental Product Shopper.

Zoom in and take a closer look at EyeZoom in the latest product video.
S  U  P  E  R  I  O  R     V  I  S  U  A  L  I  Z  A  T  I  O  N™
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